Chris Gmyr
Developer, entrepreneur, drummer, biker, dog owner, husband, and proud dad. Loves Laravel and coffee

Anchor Episode 002 - Show Notes


In this episode we talk about: Chris's coffee origin story and upping your coffee game! Read More

Anchor Episode 001 - Show Notes


In this episode we talk about: what's brewing, the latest PHPStorm release, and how to use the Luxafor Flag device while working from home Read More

Introducing my Anchor Mini-Cast!


For a long time now, I've been toying around with creating a podcast. I love the idea of interviewing people, sharing news, updates, and exciting things in the development community - but I haven't taken the leap...until now. Read More

How to order by all() in Laravel


One common issue that I see with Laravel newcomers is that they have hangups using Eloquent correctly. The most basic reference given in the documentation and tutorials is using the all() method. Read More

Prioritizing Queued Jobs in Laravel


Laravel queues allow you to defer long running, or resource intensive, processes until a later time. A queue system is imperative for larger applications, but can be helpful for smaller ones as well. But with so many jobs and queues, how can we prioritize them? Read More