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CodeIgniter Pagination Library


Over the last few years I’ve been using my own version of pagination for CodeIgniter. The default one is pretty weak for my purposes, so I created one for all of my projects that has been very handy. There has been a number of posts on the CodeIgniter forums and their UserVoice account about updating their included pagination library, so I decided to share mine.


  1. Drop everything into your application folder (assets folder is just for demo purposes)
  2. Use: $config[‘uri_protocol’] = ‘PATH_INFO';
  3. Go to the test controller and start working with it. You will have to make your own SQL queries/models.


  • Handles a directory structure or by using the $_GET array. (Ex: or
  • Directory structure can add a trailing slash or not, which is good for SEO (Ex: or
  • Page 1 links will not show a pagination number. Search engines will look at and as duplicate content, so the pagination is dropped.
  • Handles regular links or AJAX update links
  • Automatically builds sorting links
  • Handles different HTML tags (li, div, etc) for pagination links and additional HTML/CSS options.
  • Handles additional search/sorting parameters and will add to the $_GET array
  • Page stats output (Ex: Displaying 1 to 25 (of 115 users))

Please visit the GitHub repo to learn more.

Feel free to leave any feedback or feature requests. Thanks for checking out my library.