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Advertising Tip #1: Advertise!


So as most of you probably know, I run a web design and development company, but we also deal with a lot of advertising on the web. SEO, PPC, Social Media to name a few. Around this time of year a lot of people want to redesign their site, make some changes, or do some sort of advertising. I started sending out some emails/notes to some clients that I haven’t heard from in a while to see if they would be interested in doing something for the upcoming holiday season. I was pretty surprised with some of the responses.

Yes, I understand this is still a down economy and times are tough for a lot of businesses. Yes, I understand it’s the end of the year and you might have used your website budget already. But, what I don’t understand is why business people don’t want to advertise MORE when times are tough. Let’s put this into perspective…

Your company sells widgets, and there are 4 other companies in your local area that also sells widgets similar to yours that you conciser your competition. The widget market has been down for the past few years with a few good spikes up here and there. Currently the 5 widget companies are just working off of referral and current customer business. Some of them might be doing small amounts of advertising themselves but not nearly enough and the results are questionable at best.

Now, let’s say that one of these widget companies (Company A) does do some significant advertising for the upcoming holiday season. Company A makes some changes to their website to make it more appealing for potential customers and have systems set up to convert visitors to customers. Company A looks at what keywords and phrases in the search engines that they want to go for (SEO). Company A looks at keywords and phrases that would be harder to get into within the next few months, and buy ads for those (PPC). Company A creates a social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites to get the word out about their new products and special offers.

If you were in the market for a widget, which company would you go to? You’ve seen Company A online and visited their fresh looking and very informative website. You even have a 10% off coupon that they gave you from their Facebook page. Do you even know that there is a widget company Company B, C, D, and E? No, probably not. Even if you did know Company B, and went to their website, what would you see? Would you see that their blog hasn’t been updated since 2009 or that they still have an animated GIF as their main image? Who would you feel more comfortable with fulfilling your order?

My point is simply this – If everyone else is in the backseat “playing it safe”, why wouldn’t you want to jump ahead with little to no competition and reap the rewards? Your investment to do this work will be quickly forgotten once you see that you are now getting new customers, new orders, and getting better name recognition in the market place.