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Git Tip: Delete Remote Branch


Last night I was working on a little pet project of mine (soon to be a few blog posts probably), and I ran across a little problem. I've been playing with PadogaBox and set up a new app, made some commits, then decided to start over with my code and do something a little different. I've already set up my app through PB, so I didn't want to delete it, re-add it, then re-configure everything. All I really wanted to do is delete the "master" branch and push up my new code that I had worked on. To my surprise, since I've never done this before, it is actually pretty easy!

# You already made a new branch "master" on the remote
$ git push origin master

# You want to remove the remote branch "master"
$ git push origin :master

# If you need to remove the local branch, just run
$ git branch -d master