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Finally moved my blog to Jekyll


It's been on my to-do list for quite a while now: move away from Wordpress to Jekyll. Everyone pretty much has the same reasons of why they've made this move:

  • Wordpress is too bulky, usually loads slowly
  • Tired of running security updates
  • Can't make customizations easily
  • Can't run/test locally without messing with the database a lot
  • Would rather write in Markdown

...just to name a few.

A while ago I came across Joshua Lande's post about creating a blog using Jekyll, Poole, and GitHub Pages. This was essentially the same process that I wanted to take, and did.

I pretty just followed Joshua's process with a few tweaks of my own and also used a Wordpress to Jekyll Exporter plugin which did a lot of the hard work for me.

So far I can say that I'm pretty happy with the move to Jekyll and GitHub Pages. Please take a look at my blog's repo on GitHub to see what I've done.

Have you moved your blog from Wordpress to Jekyll, or a similar static site generator? How is it working out for you?