Chris Gmyr
Developer, entrepreneur, drummer, biker, dog owner, husband, and proud dad. Loves Laravel and coffee

Introducing my Anchor Mini-Cast!


For a long time now, I've been toying around with creating a podcast. I love the idea of interviewing people, sharing news, updates, and exciting things in the development community - but I haven't taken the leap...until now.

My primary worry was not having enough compelling content to keep it going at a pace that most podcast listeners are accustomed. Also, sometimes thoughts or updates don't need a full blog post so I needed something to publish content quickly and easily, from anywhere.

Enter Anchor is a super easy way to get started with audio content to make your radio station or mini-podcast.

To get started:

  1. Set up your account & station
  2. Create a new (up to) 5-minute segment by holding your phone up to your ear and talking
  3. Give your segment a title and maybe some background music
  4. Publish!

Segments only last for 24 hours, but if you'd like to keep them around for longer, you can create an episode, which doesn't have an expiration. You can also combine multiple segments into an episode. So for example, you can connect 3, 5-minute snippets into a 15-minute episode.

Just within the last few weeks, Anchor added a feature that allows you to automatically publish episodes as a full fledged podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google Play - as well as giving you a feed URL that you can use for other services. Anchor is a great way to get into podcasting with minimal effort.

Some of the topics I'm going to be covering are:

  • Development - mostly in the Laravel/PHP space
  • Working Remotely
  • Freelancing, side projects, owning your own business
  • Coffee

...and there might be some other random topics thrown in here and there as well!

If you're interested in following along, please listen to my intro below as well as "star" my station on Anchor. I'll also be posting episodes on this site too. Please leave a comment below or reach out on Twitter or Telegram if you have any questions or feedback.