Chris Gmyr
Developer, entrepreneur, drummer, biker, dog owner, husband, and proud dad. Loves Laravel and coffee

Tips, Tricks, and Good Practices with Laravel's Eloquent


This is a talk I gave at TrianglePHP on Aug 16, 2018. We'll learn how Eloquent functions on the basic levels, continue through some more well-known methods and some possibly lesser known ones. Then we'll finish with some more advanced ideas and techniques. Read More

Convert your Bootstrap CSS to Tailwind with Tailwindo


I’ve recently been working on converting one of my side projects from Bootstrap to Tailwind and came across awssat/tailwindo. This package does precisely that – automatically converts Bootstrap component classes to Tailwind utility classes. Read More

The Latest in PHP: April 2018 Edition


Every month for the last year at TrianglePHP we've been presenting a segment called "The Latest in PHP" where we look at new features, product and framework releases, and spotlight news articles. Not everyone in the community is as up-to-date as others, so this gives everyone a chance to see what's new before our main presentation. Read More

Deploying Specific Branches with Laravel, CircleCI, and Envoyer


A few weeks ago I was trying to update a side project's CircleCI config from version 1 to version 2 since they are depreciating V1 in August 2018. In the process, I was curious how I could deploy specific branches to specific environments in Laravel's Envoyer if the tests passed successfully. Read More

Getting Started with Signed Routes in Laravel


In Laravel 5.6.12 a new signed URLs feature was introduced. In this article, we’ll work on enabling signed URLs in an application and look at a few options of how to use them. Read More