Chris Gmyr
Developer, entrepreneur, drummer, biker, dog owner, husband, and proud dad. Loves Laravel and coffee

Prioritizing Queued Jobs in Laravel


Laravel queues allow you to defer long running, or resource intensive, processes until a later time. A queue system is imperative for larger applications, but can be helpful for smaller ones as well. But with so many jobs and queues, how can we prioritize them? Read More

Moving from self-hosted image service to Cloudinary


Image manipulation is hard. Handling images in the long term is even harder. Here at Dose we have a lot of images and a number of ways to serve them. Read More

How to alter Laravel's quickstart authentication process


Laravel makes it super easy to get a new app up and running. Sometimes too easy. How do you use these features to benefit you and your new app when your new app doesn't seem to fit the use case? Let's take a look... Read More

How to update your SSL certificate on Laravel Forge (nginx)


As most of you know Laravel Forge doesn't have an easy way to update your SSL certificate when you need to renew it. Here's how... Read More

Finally moved my blog to Jekyll


It's been on my to-do list for quite a while now: move away from Wordpress to Jekyll. Read More